KAR is a part of KADI Group of Companies. It was established in 1996 by Mr. Mohammed Abbas Sheikh, along with a well-trained professionally experienced and dedicated technical team specializing in Diesel Engine Truck has helped us earn a great reputation in the market. With over 20 years of expertized view towards all kinds of maintenance and repair services, we are now extremely glad to present our self as one of the leading specialists in providing care and solutions for all your vehicle needs.

All kind of Mechanical Services

We at CARFIXIN undertake all the major and minor automotive repairs of all kinds of vehicles ranging from sedan-hatch-back cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Buses and the other heavy vehicles.

Air Conditioner Services

Troubleshooting A/C System, Maintaining and upgrading existing low performing air conditioners and providing expertise solutions for retaining A/C systems well for all kinds of vehicles.

Electrical and Computer Diagnosis Services

We undertake all kinds of electrical issues related to your automobile irrespective of all classes. We provide computer diagnosis for all kinds of Light vehicles.

Denting and Painting Services

We as a reputed service provider, undertake all kinds of the accidental-body remaking upgrading existing body structure and all other body-related jobs in this regard.

Battery Replacement Services

Battery is the heart of your car's electrical system! Ensure hassle-free journey with routine battery replacement. We deliver car batteries for all kinds of vehicles.

Car Detailing Services

As a reputed service provider, we combine your driving experience with looks that make heads turn! Keep your car looking new with our quality services.

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Plot No.44,17b St, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 - Dubai