Services #YourFriendlyMechanic is a one-stop solution center for all kinds of light motor vehicles in the U.A.E. Formerly known as KAR (Since 2008) .We are the first company to provide door to door Car Services at affordable price in Dubai. We currently serve customers in Dubai & Sharjah . Our vision is to cover the whole U.A.E. is also a web platform for customers seeking help with any Car related issues including Car service Repair, Breakdown Assistance, auto parts replacement etc.

All kind of Mechanical Services

We at CARFIXIN undertake all the major and minor automotive repairs of all kinds of vehicles ranging from sedan-hatch-back cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Buses and the other heavy vehicles.

Air Conditioner Services

Troubleshooting A/C System, Maintaining and upgrading existing low performing air conditioners and providing expertise solutions for retaining A/C systems well for all kinds of vehicles.

Electrical and Computer Diagnosis Services

We undertake all kinds of electrical issues related to your automobile irrespective of all classes. We provide computer diagnosis for all kinds of Light vehicles.

Denting and Painting Services

We as a reputed service provider, undertake all kinds of the accidental-body remaking upgrading existing body structure and all other body-related jobs in this regard.

Battery Replacement Services

Battery is the heart of your car's electrical system! Ensure hassle-free journey with routine battery replacement. We deliver car batteries for all kinds of vehicles.

Car Detailing Services

As a reputed service provider, we combine your driving experience with looks that make heads turn! Keep your car looking new with our quality services.